Bring Joy and Freedom Back Into Your Life!

Do you remember a time when struggles in relationships, lack of communication and thinking badly about yourself were not the norm? Don't you wish that you had the tools to change them for good?

You've come to the right place.


Dr. Dalesa Martinez, LMFT
Founder & CEO

I became a relationship expert so that I could help others to unlock the beautiful light that so many keep caged.  On my journey, I found that my own story was actually a light for others.  It is my hope that in our collective quest towards life fulfillment, internal love and unlimited connection that I inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  I have told my story and trained therapist as a professor and on multiple stages, including internationally for almost 20 years.

I currently serve adolescents ages 15+, individuals & couples, and specialize in relationships (singles & couples), trauma, anxiety, depression, self-love & finding purpose. I use a narrative approach, allowing my clients to recognize that they are the experts of their lives and guide them into creating a new story of themselves/their relationships.


Eric Shimoyama, MS

In the past 17 years, I have been able to help men, women and families to unlock the dark spaces that have kept them stuck over their lives, by equipping them with the skills they need to reconnect attachments, recognize their "inner gangster", and mend broken relationships.  My approach to therapy is rooted in the notion that YOU are the expert of your life, and my role is simply to help you to see what is already inside of you. My clients are active participants in their own healing, with us exploring relational and interpersonal challenges that have prevented you from having the confidence that you need to cope and thrive.  I have an extensive history in child development, crisis management, and therapeutic supervision.  I have dedicated my life to helping others to cope with trauma and relationship issues, and know that sometimes it can be hard to change for the better.  I am with you every step of the way.


I am passionate about helping individuals, couples and families like you: ones that have it within them to heal from their trauma and be healthy and thriving again, but just need support to get there. I help my clients find healing, hope and a new outlook on the pain that they have experienced in the past, serving as the passageway to freeing them from their difficulties.  I teach them how to build confidence, learn self value and self understanding so that they can be better in all walks of life.  Many of today's solutions for trauma are simply about talking it out, with a one-size-fits-all model, leading many to feel like their therapist doesn't understand them, or that they aren't making progress. I recognize the importance of individualized treatment and value your goals as mine in the therapy process.  My years of crisis training and background with families and adolescents gives me the foresight to approach challenges head on.


Allisha Minor, MFT

I take passion in helping couples, adults, adolescents, including those in the LGBTQ+ community to break down generational patterns, and love themselves and others fully.  My approach to therapy helps my clients step out of their comfort zones to help them to find fulfillment, happiness and confidence in their own skin.  In today's world, the solution for self acceptance is to focus outward, leading many to still feel misunderstood and alone.  I want to help my clients to look inward, and we will go on a discovery of their true selves as a team, with self-love always being a part of the goal.  We tackle this by exploring family patterns, uncovering the blocks to happiness within relationships, and through our work together, dismantle the negative beliefs that have left them feeling stranded in the past.  My years of experience in the behavioral health field and 2 Master's degrees help me to give you insight on your challenges in a way that works for you.  My soft and engaging approach will help clients during times that the process gets tough and   overwhelming.  Let's work together to give yourself the love & acceptance that you deserve.


Corneilus Smith, MS, MFT

In my work as a therapist, it is my goal to help those who feel lost, misunderstood and disconnected to find their place back in the world.  I show them how their ideas about their lives have stopped them from living, and help them to find the courage and openness to see their worthiness & gain freedom from life's issues.  Many of the discussions around faith-based treatment focuses on "preachy" ideas of what they shouldn't be doing, leaving them feeling put off.  I recognize that your story is unique, and every step I take through the therapy process is tailored to your needs, not simply what I believe.  My training in Pastoral Counseling and Marriage & Family therapy means that I have the expertise you deserve when going through the healing process. My own life's challenges as a Black man who experienced his own hardship gives me the empathy to offer you help from someone who truly "gets" it.




I came to work with Inspired & Free at one of the most difficult times of my life. My therapist always gently turned the mirror back to me, reflecting me to myself so that I could actually notice and recognize that I can craft my life around who I truly am, rather than around others' ideas of me.

Couple in Love


I wasn't sure that our relationship was going to make it.  There was so much mistrust based on infidelity and lies.  You helped us to see one another, to learn to understand how we got here and how to avoid going back to that dark place again in the future.  


I don’t know if you ever wonder about your work & impact. If you ever have any doubt, I want you to

know that you’ve made a difference and impact in my life. You helped me when I needed it most. You’re dope and I won’t forget the things you’ve taught me/reminded me of.

Tiara Gibson