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Meet Our CEO & Founder

Sometimes life comes at us fast and in the most unexpected ways. Dr. Dalesa has been a marriage & family therapist for almost 20 years, and never had intentions of starting a private practice. A supervisor, graduate school professor and administrator in a number of roles for various agencies, Dr. Dalesa’s passion was helping therapists become the best clinicians. It was her view that helping therapists learn gave her the ability to touch many more lives indirectly.


When the pandemic hit and after a move across the country that did not work out, she recognized that her vision had shifted slightly. So many people needed help through such tough times, and so many therapists struggled with burnout from feeling overworked with the clients that were not a great fit. Her mission then became to not only create a 100% virtual practice without months-long waiting lists, but to make sure that therapists and clients felt connected to one another, so that the client achieved the healing that they were looking for, while the therapist was less likely to burnout because they could see the impact of the work that they do. In less than 2 years, Inspired & Free has expanded from Dr. Dalesa’s solo practice to 6 experienced clinicians, serving 4 states. Her goal is to expand throughout the East Coast and across the globe, helping clients and therapists finding the best matches for their needs.

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